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Change your mindset.

40+ Women CAN feel OPTIMAL!

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Three Generations

"Society doesn't have a weight-loss problem, society has a muscle-loss problem."
        Rhonda Catt


We have experienced first hand the frustration of peri-menopause and menopause support for women. We understand the confusion surrounding the information available and the relief of knowing you're not alone and you don't have to "suck it up" and accept feeling less than optimal as you age.

We are here to provide guidance, resources and high quality strength programming following evidence based research and proven efficiency for the mature woman.

Women are physiologically different and as such many training practices do not benefit us. This doesn't mean the solution is complicated, in fact it is quite simple. It just takes consistency and an understanding that you need to be an advocate for your health.


You worked hard all your life to be able to enjoy your later years and continue doing the things you love to do. We can help make this a reality.


We can help you live an OPTIMAL life.

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Recent Posts

Strength, Advocacy and Everything in Between

Rhonda Catt

Rhonda has been in the Strength & Conditioning Industry since the early 90's and has devoted her life to helping people create healthy habits. Rhonda is an advocate for Heart Health, having lost her husband to a heart event in 2015 and she is passionate about Women's Health, specifically Women in their mature years who struggle with peri-menopause and menopause symptoms. Rhonda is the proud mother of two sons and is an outdoor enthusiast.


Carla Rayner

Carla embarked on her fitness journey in 2004 and partnered with Rhonda in 2011 opening the first of two brick and mortar training centres. Carla continues to juggle life while raising 4 children with her husband. Recognizing a definite life shift in her 40's and now embracing her 50's Carla strives to share the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a mindset shifted towards strength training for vitality. Carla is excited to support other women in their journey towards an optimal life. 




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